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Craven County

Listening In: Craven County, NC

It was a chilly and overcast Saturday morning and Craven County residents were gathered in the New Bern library to talk to us about what issues working class folks were facing locally.

While the group was diverse, there was incredible consensus on the challenges facing the county.

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What We Heard in Watauga County

“What keeps you up at night?” asked Bonnie Dobson, Down Home’s Deep Canvass Manager. “What do you worry about living here in Watauga?”

A lot, it seems. The small group gathered together listed out a number of concerns they have for their community.

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The Democracy Series

Wondering what a school board does?

There’s a lot of noise right now around school boards, but do you know exactly what kind of power your local school board has? For this month’s Democracy Series, we’re diving into what the role of a school board is, what kind of power the board holds, and who can run!

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