Building Power Through Local Campaigns and Electoral Politics

At Down Home North Carolina, we build power in communities through local campaigns and electoral politics. We want working families across race to have more than a vote — we want poor and working-class people to have power. 

We cannot achieve these goals without the help of donors and supporters like you.

Your support enables us to actively engage and involve rural North Carolinians across the state so that they can make the decision-making processes of their hometowns. With your support,we can organize more events, train more member-leaders, and provide rural working-class North Carolinians  with the tools necessary to fight for what they need.

Together, we can help working people achieve power in their hometowns and change the course of the future for their families.

Financial Information

Down Home North Carolina diligently submits a Form 990 to the Internal Revenue Service every year. This comprehensive document provides crucial insights into our organization’s financial data, mission, governance, management, and impactful programs. Our most recent filing of Form 990 serves as a testament to our commitment to transparency and accountability in serving the community.

Come on in, y’all. We’ve got work to do.