Down Home North Carolina Fellowship Program

Applications for the Down Home Fellowship Program are not currently open.

Please check back with us here!

No one should have to leave their home or community to make the change they want to see. 

People living in small towns and out in the country have often felt that they have to leave home to make a positive impact. Our small towns have lost jobs, lost land, and lost people to the big cities. We don’t want to lose anymore– we want to win. 

We want to win things like healthcare, living wages, and safe and healthy environments for our kids to grow up in. 

Down Home North Carolina’s Fellowship Program wants to help get these wins by developing your leadership skills in the place you know best: Home

This six month, full time, paid fellowship program will give you the skills, support, and on-the-ground experience you need to become an impactful change maker in your community. 

Fellows will learn: 

  • How to tackle problems in your community for real change through grassroots organizing and campaigns. 
  • Leadership skills such as how to develop campaign strategy, how to talk to local reporters,  and how to engage your neighbors and community to come together to make a positive impact on your town.
  • How to engage with local elections through canvassing, recruiting volunteers, and more. 

Fellows participate in a combination of formal job training alongside practical experience in the community or town where you are working. 

What you bring: 

  • A desire to become a part of an organized effort to build power for poor and working people across race in rural North Carolina 
  • An interest in elections and building people-power
  • An open mind and genuine interest in building multiracial coalitions
  • A love of your neighbors and your home

Our small towns deserve this investment and so do you!

Come on in, y’all. We’ve got work to do.