Deep Canvass Lead Trainer

The Opportunity:

This year Down Home North Carolina is creating North Carolina’s largest Deep Canvass program to date. In 2022 Down Home North Carolina is planning to offer large-scale training sessions on the methodology of deep canvass we helped to create over the past three years. Down Home is planning to host multiple issue-based Deep Canvasses to support local and statewide campaigns to ensure that our state and local government works for working people. The organization plans to hold multiple training series throughout the year and ultimately run a completely distributed, volunteer program to support our member lead political endorsed candidates later this year.   

Down Home North Carolina is seeking a temporary, full-time Deep Canvass Trainer. The Deep Canvass Trainer will work directly with the Deep Canvass Manager to hire, train, and develop a team of Deep Canvassers. They will help develop curriculum for the team and volunteers, create data reports, manage the Deep Canvass Team Leads, and ensure the team has the support they need to create a strong volunteer base and positive culture.  This is a temporary role, working with other Down Home departments to develop and deliver excellent trainings for our staff and volunteers. 

Who We Are:

Down Home North Carolina is a growing statewide organization of rural and small-town communities that advocate for economic, gender, and racial justice. We will move North Carolina toward the values of dignity, safety, and inclusion through leadership development, strategic campaigning, multiracial movement-building, and civic engagement that advances positive, life-changing reforms for rural communities.

We are unique in our focus on building permanent, statewide organizing infrastructure in North Carolina’s rural places. Through our growing network of member-led, county-based chapters, we are engaged in year-round organizing. Our member-leaders, deeply rooted in their communities, are the heart and soul of We are Down Home’s work. Our organizational mission includes a deep commitment to building multiracial and working-class member leadership, and our chapter culture inspires the deep and necessary commitment required to transform small towns and rural places.

Founded in 2017, Down Home has built a strong organizational track record, including:

  • Helping to elect the first Latinx state legislator in NC history
  • Winning local campaigns to raise the minimum wage for city workers (Waynesville) and oppose the expansion of local jails
  • Growing a statewide membership base that includes all 100 counties of North Carolina
  • Anchoring the first southern, rural deep canvass and race-class narrative tests
  • Driving statewide coalitions to fight for a just COVID-19 recovery and for Medicaid expansion

Keys to Success (the must-haves) and Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of race equity and inclusion: You recognize ways that race and other identities intersect in our work, especially within rural, multiracial communities. You are comfortable talking about identities such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, ability, or gender in plain, specific terms. You understand the historical context for racial inequity and its present-day implications. You recognize how your own identities show up in the work, and welcome, reflect on and act on feedback with an eye toward continuous learning about race, ability, and other lines of difference.
  • Demonstrated ability to train/teach others and build curriculum: You have experience training or teaching others a new skill, particularly skills that require people to come out of their comfort zone or require them to do something for the first time. You have an approach to training/teaching that is rooted in racial equity. You are able to take a complex task or project and communicate its parts to others in plain language. You have experience creating and delivering presentations/discussions/trainings that reach a wide variety of audiences. 
  • Approach your work with a coaching and learning mentality: You help others grow. You use coaching, training, and feedback to develop others and support problem-solving. You see mistakes as learning opportunities. You seek and engage well with feedback. 
  • Attentive and empathetic: You have an enthusiasm for meeting and engaging with people. You empathize with the communities we serve. You Inspire and motivate to take action and meet ambitious goals while establishing a team culture that invites people to come back and honors their differences. You are able to develop others through coaching, training, and feedback. You listen closely to understand needs or concerns and take steps based on that input. You get back to people in a timely manner. You take pride in providing clear, helpful information. 
  • Highly organized, motivated, and detail-oriented: Strong sense of ownership over goals and metrics ensuring data integrity as a priority. Able to juggle competing demands and prioritize what’s most important. Holds a high bar even when things are hectic providing thoughtful solutions to problems that arise. Has a track record of leaving things better than they found them. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment where work areas are expected to change frequently. 
  • Aligned with the mission and values of Down Home NC: Committed to the vision of a  powerful, inclusive, rural, multiracial, working-class movement-building as a path towards liberation for all people. Is aligned with the idea that building power takes both election programs and long-term base building and investment in communities. 


  • Support Deep Canvass Program
    • Write and deliver effective onboarding and ongoing skills training for paid deep canvassers and volunteers, including Deep Canvassing 101 and more advanced skills training for example Compassionate Listening and Curiosity, Assertiveness and Rapport Building, Redirects, Processing Concerns, and Cognitive Dissonance
    • Develop training schedule and coordinate ongoing training curriculum in close partnership with Deep Canvass Manager
    • Create a leadership development arch for volunteers to ensure that they can advance their skills set in close partnership with Deep Canvass Manager
    • Participate in script iterations, deep canvass measurements, maintenance of data and reporting
  • Assist with recruitment, training, and supervising teams of Deep Canvassers and volunteers
    • Recruit, coach, and supervise paid and volunteer deep canvassers for distributed deep canvass 
    • Build a team culture that is inclusive, cooperative, and emotionally supportive of the work  
    • Lead call shifts to include check-in, monitoring data systems, facilitating debriefs, and call shift reporting 
    • Hold team members accountable for metrics and goal achievement through one-to-ones, training, and coaching
  • Support the overall development and execution of our distributed deep canvass program in close partnership with the Deep Canvass Manager
    • Meet metric goals and deadlines ensuring data integrity
    • Troubleshooting issues within the program providing solutions to problems as they arise


Compensation for this temporary, full-time position is the equivalent of between $55,000 and $65,000 per year. The role will end on November 25th, 2022. The position includes best-in-class healthcare after one month of employment. Location is flexible within North Carolina. Irregular hours are required, including nights and some weekends. 

How to Apply

Down Home NC is committed to creating a dynamic, multicultural, diverse working environment. Candidates of color and diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Down Home NC is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with a priority for applications received by March 31st. If this job description is posted on Down Home’s website (www.downhomenc.org), we are still accepting applications.

Please send a resume and a short cover letter that includes your experience to: [email protected]