Central to Down Home is making government work for us as poor and working people, not for the wealthy and big corporations. 


One way that we do this work is through our endorsement process. Down Home focuses on local elections, knowing that local office holders have a huge amount of impact on our daily lives. 

From local school boards to the local sheriff, a lot is at stake for poor and working people when it comes to who represents them. 

Our local chapters endorse candidates in municipal elections through statewide offices– evaluating candidates based on their alignment with our local platforms as well as their understanding of the need to build multiracial poor and working power in our local government.

Endorsing candidates isn’t a complicated process, but our members treat it with intentionality and care. 

If you are a member and want to get involved in the endorsement process in your local elections, contact your local organizer.

If you are a candidate seeking an endorsement, please contact your local chapter organizer.



Learn more about the 5 steps to a Down Home endorsement here: 

  1. Local chapter members research, write, and ratify a local platform for their county.

  2. Local chapter members create a list of what local offices are up for election and where the open seats are. Members determine which offices can impact the priorities listed in their local chapter platform.

  3. Members reach out to local people running for office and invite them to review the local platform and to come meeting with Down Home members.

  4. Local members interview local candidates to learn more about them and if they are aligned with the chapter platform.

  5. The local chapter meets and holds a vote as to which local candidates they will endorse as a group. Candidates are endorsed by a simple majority of those members voting.