Down Home Cabarrus 2021 Platform

Our communities, our environment, and our people are too important to give in to dangerous politics and policy.

We love the places where we live and the people who live here. But our small towns and rural communities have experienced so much loss over the last few decades: Good jobs that once offered fair wages have moved away, rural healthcare providers are closing, small businesses struggle to stay afloat, and often our children and friends leave to find better, bigger opportunities.

Our elected officials have favored the wealthy over us and enacted cruel austerity. We have seen the building of jails and prisons prioritized over providing mental health services; we have seen big corporations be given tax breaks while our schools lose funding. The high cost of housing forces families to rob their own food budgets to pay rent; rapidly rising utility costs cause seniors to skip medications in order to keep the lights on.

Perhaps worst of all, these cruel measures and disastrous policies are being pushed through using dog-whistles and divide-and-conquer tactics. The wealthy and powerful try to pit poor and working-class people against each other, frequently manufacturing crises and fomenting culture wars, so that they can pass policies that benefit themselves.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can take the reins to change, but we have to do it together. That’s why Down Home North Carolina is working across our state, including right here in Cabarrus County, to build multiracial poor and working-class power.

Read Down Home Cabarrus’ 2021 platform below with our digital booklet!